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About us

In order to help foreign investors who want to open companies in Canada, our company formation agents at Canadian Business and Enterprise Services (CBES) provide a wide range of services among which they can choose. We are a team of local and international business consultants specialized in the field of company formation in Canada for foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in this country. Many foreign investors are attracted to Canada for being one of the most important economies in the world. Starting a business in Canada is not a difficult task, however, there are various aspects that need to be considered, as well as laws and regulations to respect.

Below, you can find out information about our team and the services we can provide you with.

Services provided by CBES

The representatives of our company, who have a large experience in business consulting and representing companies, offer legal advice in certain aspects of commercial and corporate law. The representation of our foreign clients who want to set up a company in Canada is handled by a team of international and Canadian experts. They are also experienced in providing a wide range of other services, such as:

  • company registration;
  • application for different types of permits and licenses;
  • virtual office;
  • company secretary;
  • registered agent services
  • accounting and payroll etc.

We can also assist in obtaining residence and employment permits for foreign citizens and investors relocating to Canada.

Eugene Jakubov

Eugene Jakubov is one of the co-founders of CBES. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and extensive experience as a legal and compliance officer in medium and large corporations. Eugene has over 15 years of senior management experience, he has successfully acted as the Legal/HR Department Manager and Compliance Officer of a multi-profile, international group of companies with more than 10 separate legal entities, which employ more than 300 workers in Canada and dozens of representatives around the globe.

If you have any questions about us or our services, we invite you to discuss with our local consultants.

Company registration services in Canada

The main service we can provide for our clients is related to company formation. We can help with the following:

  1. guidance in choosing an appropriate business form based on the activities intended;
  2. company name reservation or business number issuance (depending on the needs of the client);
  3. documents preparation (Memorandum and Articles of Association and other paperwork, depending on the chosen structure);
  4. documents filing with the federal and/or provincial and territorial authorities;
  5. tax registration which includes obtaining tax identification and GST numbers;
  6. assistance in applying for the necessary business licenses with the relevant authorities.

Our services do not stop here, as we can further offer assistance in various taxation matters through accounting services.

For those wondering about us and our services, it is worth noting that we can help local and foreign investors with advice on how to choose the best legal structure suited to their needs. There are various types of companies one can choose from, however, the corporation remains the most popular business form in Canada.

The company registration procedure in Canada can be completed at 3 levels:

  • the first one is the federal level and implies the creation of a business which can operate at a federal level;
  • the second one is the territorial or provincial level and implies the registration of a company in single or more territories or provinces;
  • the third one implies company incorporation at a federal level followed by registration in another province or territory.

Our Canadian company formation agents can explain the requirements for each type of registration and can help with the incorporation of any type of legal entity.

Assistance in obtaining various licenses and permits

The Canadian legislation is quite comprehensive, however, with the help of our representatives who can act on behalf of local and foreign business owners, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, including special authorizations for companies in industries like oil is not complicated. We can handle various procedures related to obtaining the licenses required to start a business in Canada.

Also, if you need guidance in relation to the business permits that need to be obtained in various industries, we invite you to talk at length with our company registration advisors in Canada.

Rely on us for various services

Because we want to help investors with a one-stop type of services, we can help investors in meeting all the additional requirements upon setting up a company in Canada. Among these, those who do not have a legal address for their business can purchase virtual office services with us. Such service comes with registered agent assistance which is quite sought in Canada.

Our registered agent services imply:

  • the maintenance of records on behalf of the client;
  • acting as a contact point when it comes to interactions with the Canadian authorities;
  • signatory services when it comes to signing official documents;
  • receiving documents and notifications from the authorities on behalf of the client.

This service is usually available for those who open extra-provincial and non-resident companies in Canada.

Accounting services for companies in Canada

All Canadian companies need to respect the tax and accounting requirements and we can offer tailored support in this sense. Among the accounting services we mention the following:

  • tax and GST registration, as well as other GST-related services;
  • drafting and filing of financial accounts and other relevant accounting documents with the Revenue Agency in Canada;
  • payroll services;
  • audit services;
  • tax advice and minimization solutions.

All our accounting packages are tailored at the request of clients.

How long does it take to register a company in Canada?

When starting a business in Canada, clients should consider the following aspects:

  • filing the documents with the Trade Register is completed in 1 day;
  • the registration for taxation and GST is completed in 1 day;
  • GST registration becomes mandatory once a company reaches a turnover of 30,000 CAD per quarter;
  • the business number is issued within 5 days from the submission of the documents.

For more details about the services offered to foreign clients, you may contact our local specialists in company registration in Canada.