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Canada Immigration Lawyer

Canada Immigration Lawyer

Foreign citizens who want to move to Canada have various options when it comes to the visas they can obtain. Based on this fact, the assistance of a specialized lawyer becomes essential when choosing the type of visa and the documents to prepare in order to obtain it in due time. You can address to our immigration lawyer in Canada, who can advise and represent all foreigners who want to relocate to this country and provide tailored assistance. 

 Quick Facts  
Who can request the services of our immigration lawyers in Canada?

All foreign citizens who need the assistance of a Canada immigration lawyer for purposes such as:

– temporary or permanent residence, 

– business or investment,

– family reunification,

– those who are deemed inadmissable in Canada based on health or crime-related issues. 

Legal representation for short-term stays (yes/no) 


Areas of assistance for short-term stays 

– issuance of a temporary residence permit,

– issuance of short-term stays visas,

– Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) documents processing,

– family reunification (for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens/permanent residents). 

 Legal assistance in immigration for work purposes (yes/no)  Yes
Assistance in obtaining a visa for business purposes in Canada (yes/no) 


Legal assistance for family reunification programs

Our Canada immigration lawyer can present the visa programs for family reunification (for temporary/permanent stay), the conditions to fulfill for a specific visa and help clients in preparing the application file. 

Legal representation for long-term or permanent relocation (yes/no) 


 Assistance in obtaining a permanent residence permit/citizenship 

Assistance for:

– citizenship applications and refusals,

– citizenship revocations,

– passport application,

– passport refusals 

Asylum services for refugees (yes/no)   


Persons entitled to obtain asylum

Persons who can prove that they would experience major hardships in their country of origin or persons who are already persecuted or in fear of persecution based on any of the following:

– nationality,

– race,

– religion,

– political opinion,

– membership to a particular group

Basic immigration rules for non-EU/non-EEA citizens 

It depends on the purpose of stay and the duration. The citizens of some non-EU/non-EEA states are not required to apply for a visa for short-term stays, while others must obtain a visa regardless of the duration of stay. 

Basic immigration rules for EU/EEA citizens 

The nationals of EU/EEA can arrive here visa free; they must apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).  

Basic requirements for becoming a citizen  

– have an age of minimum 18 years old,

– be a permanent resident at the moment of citizenship application,

– comply with the residency requirements (stay in Canada for 1095 days in the last 1460 days). 

Immigration services for investment (yes/no)  


Main immigration programs for investors  

Our Canada immigration lawyer can assist investors in participating in the following programs:

– Immigrant Investor,

– Federal Entrepreneur,

– Self-Employed Persons,

– Start-up Visa. 

Types of visas available in Canada

From an immigration point of viewCanada represents one of the most attractive jurisdictions at a global level. The main reason for this is the availability of the various types of visas one can obtain in accordance with his or her status. Here are the types of visas a foreign citizen can obtain with the help of our immigration lawyers in Canada:

  1. the visitor visa which can be used for travel purposes and also as a way to immigration through sponsorship;
  2. the student visa which can be obtained based on an invitation letter obtained from a Canadian accredited university or another educational institution;
  3. the work visa which is one of the most popular options for those seeking to move to Canada;
  4. the permanent residence permit which can be obtained based on different criteria and the type of visa obtained previously;
  5. the business immigrant visa which is available for those who want to have their own companies in Canada;
  6. the express entry visa which represents the fastest way to immigrate to Canada.

We are also specialized in company formation in Canada, so if you are interested in immigrating and starting a business here, we can help you relocate and register the desired business form. Our Canada immigration lawyer is at your service with complete information on all the types of visas one can apply for as well as on the specific immigration programs available.

Immigration to Canada based on employment

Most foreign citizens who move to Canada apply for work visas as the country has many programs under which both skilled and non-skilled workers can obtain jobs here. There are two types of employment permits available in Canada: the open work permit and the restricted work permit.

The conditions for each type of employment visa can be explained in detail by our immigration lawyers in Canada. The most advantaged category of workers is the skilled one, as there are several programs available for those seeking to immigrate here. These are: the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, the Canada Experience Class Scheme and the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme.

Under the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme, one can move to specific provinces by respecting the requirements imposed at local levels. For example, those who want to move to Toronto can rely on the services of our immigration lawyer in Toronto.

Those who want to move to British Columbia, which has one of the largest communities of expats in Canada, can rely on our immigration lawyer in Vancouver for tailored assistance in obtaining a work permit. We also remind you that we can help those interested in immigrating and starting a business in Canada.

Start a business in Canada with the help of our immigration lawyer

Another option for those seeking to move to Canada is to start a business. In this case, too, there are several programs available for those who want to live there and have their own companies. Among the most important business immigration programs available in Canada, we mention the following: the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, the Quebec Entrepreneur Scheme, the Quebec Self-employed Scheme, the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Schemes, the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Scheme and the Federal Start-Up Visa Scheme.

Each program has its own requirements, however, the most recent and advantageous one is the Start-Up Visa Scheme. Our immigration lawyers in Canada can help foreign investors move and open companies here under this program. Those who want to move to Alberta and start a business there, have the entire support of our immigration lawyer in Edmonton.

Moving to Canada with family members

Family sponsorship is the safest way of immigrating to Canada with the spouse or civil partner. The advantage of moving here through this type of visa is that applicants can first obtain tourist visas and, during their stay here, they can start the immigration procedures.

There are two types of visas that can be obtained through family sponsorship in Canada: the inland and the outland sponsor visa. Our Canadian immigration lawyer can explain the requirements for both types of visas and can offer the necessary support for moving here with the entire family.

Immigration Lawyers Canada

The point score system for immigration to Canada

Foreign citizens who want to move to Canada should know that the country has a point-based score system under which the compatibility of candidates is measured against the need of foreign workers. An applicant must obtain a minimum of 67 points out of the total 100 and the most important aspects considered are: the work experience, qualifications, educations and language level of the candidate. Additionally, one can obtain a higher score when immigrating with the spouse and children.

Our Canada immigration lawyer can offer detailed information on the system and can help applicants verify if they can gather the necessary points to obtain the desired visa. This system is one of the most advanced in the world as it implies a fair evaluation of applicants and gives equal opportunities to persons from all over the world who want to move here. We can also help you open a company in Canada if you want to move here as a businessperson.

Services provided by our Canada immigration lawyer

When moving from another country, the assistance of experienced immigration lawyers in Canada is important as it can make the difference between a successful application and a delayed one or refusal. Our Canadian immigration lawyer is at your service with tailored assistance in various areas, among which guidance on all types of visas foreign citizens have access to when deciding to move here.

Also, it is important to note that Canada has specific programs, such as the Working Holiday Visa Scheme, for citizens of countries like the UK and Australia. This program provides for very advantageous relocation conditions, however it imposes different rules for the citizens of each country. This is why the help of an immigration lawyer is very useful.

As mentioned earlier, we can help foreign citizens who want to move to different parts of the country, for example, our immigration lawyer in Toronto is at the service of those attracted by the great living conditions offered by this city. We can also assist those who have found employment and want to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit by moving here.

Our immigration services in Canada also include: assistance in document preparation and filing, information on the steps of the procedure and fees related to obtaining the desired visa, guidance in visa rejections and legal assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees. No matter the service you need, you can rely on our attorneys and our immigration lawyer in Vancouver who can help you in order to have a successful relocation here.

How to choose the proper immigration program in Canada

It is true that Canada has many immigration schemes and choosing the appropriate one can be quite difficult. Our immigration lawyers in Canada can help you decide on a province by explaining the requirements imposed by local programs. Then they will assist with the assessment of eligibility criteria for the respective scheme. For example, Alberta recently enabled two new programs and our immigration lawyer in Edmonton can provide information on them and can provide the necessary assistance to foreign citizens who want to move here.

The fastest way to move to Canada

The fastest way to relocate to Canada is the Express Entry Program through which applicants can obtain the desired visas in about six months. Under other schemes, the immigration process takes around 12 months to complete. This program entails the following: taking a language test (Canada has two official languages – French and English), submitting a valid passport and an educational assessment report.

The program is ideal for skilled employees who also qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker, the Federal Skilled Trades and the Canadian Experience Class schemes. All applications are verified by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the main institution that has supervision upon these matters. 

Although the Express Entry Program is addressed to a wide category of persons who meet the standard requirements, one can say that there is an ideal profile that the local authorities are interested in finding. Regardless of the ideal profile, the persons who will rank the highest will receive an invitation to apply for relocation to Canada. Some of the main conditions that can positively influence the opportunity to move here, including opening a company in Canada, are the following: 

  • the applicant has an age below 30 years old (but this is not compulsory);
  • he/she is a graduate with two bachelor degrees or a bachelor degree and a master’s program;
  • provides evidence of having satisfactory English/French language knowledge;
  • has a minimum of three years of work experience (skilled work required);
  • the possibility to obtain more points is highly influenced by having very good English/French knowledge.

Being a bilingual in these languages will definitely increase the number of points one can receive, but also having a PH.D education. Those who have previous work experiences in Canada will receive more points, as well as those who have studied in this country. Our Canada immigration lawyer can also present other information on what can influence in a positive way the possibility of being accepted in this immigration program.  

Below, you can watch a video presenting the services of our Canada immigration lawyer:

Are there any costs for the Express Entry Program in Canada?

Yes, if you decide to relocate here and you need to obtain any immigration document (visa, residence permit), you will most likely have to pay a fee for the issuance of the documents. The issuance of the immigration papers is generally paid by the applicant regardless of the country of interest and exemptions of the payment of the fees are applied only in certain situations. 

This can apply for documents issued for small children or in the case of those who arrive to Canada due to extremely disruptive situations in their home country. Thus, if for example you want to move to Toronto, you will need to get information from our immigration lawyer in Toronto on the types of fees charged by the immigration institutions

Our immigration lawyer in Toronto can also inform you on other types of fees and taxes that you may need to pay at a regional level once you will be relocated here. With regards to the Express Entry Program, you can discover in the list below the main types of fees you’ll be required to pay:

  • participating in a language test in Canada can result in the payment of a fee of $300;
  • the Educational Credential Assessment can have a cost of $200;
  • collecting identity data and biometrics information will cost $85;
  • you must also expect to pay governmental fees – for adults the fee is $1,325; 
  • the governmental fee for the processing of documents for children is of $225 per child. 

Does Canada provide a Startup Visa Program?

Yes, foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Canada have the possibility of relocating here for business purposes under the Startup Visa Program. Prior to applying to this program, the investor must make sure that he or she meets the minimum conditions and for this, our immigration lawyer in Vancouver remains at your disposal, if you want to set up a business in this city. 

Please mind that the main aspect investors must comply with in order to participate in the Startup Visa Program is to create a business concept which refers to an innovative business idea. Thus, simply by opening a company in Canada will not automatically imply that the investor is qualified for this program. 

Other conditions are to create jobs on the Canadian market and also to be able to compete with other businesses at a global level. Besides these, other conditions must be satisfied, referring to the ownership of each shareholder in the said company.  This visa type will provide the right to permanent residency in Canada.

Our immigration lawyer in Calgary can assist you with more details on the requirements of the Startup Visa Program and can help you in the process of setting up a local business. You can also receive tax advice as well as information on the accounting requirements that you must comply with.  

If you plan to relocate here, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Canada and ask for detailed information on how to choose a program. Our specialists will provide all the necessary details in order to make an informed decision. We can help those who want to apply for temporary and permanent residence permits for Canada.

Why choose to move to Canada?

Apart from having one of the most advanced immigration systems in the world, Canada is already home to large communities made of people from all over the world. Numerous persons arrive here for job opportunities and also for the quality standard of living the country provides.  According to statistics:

  • in 2019, more than 300,000 foreign nationals immigrated to Canada;
  • out those, 57% came as skilled employees under various programs;
  • most of the foreign citizens who have entered Canada in 2019 live in Ontario and 43,000 of them live in British Columbia.

If you want to move to Canada and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer. He can present the types of visas that you can apply for, the costs associated with the visa issuance, the steps for obtaining residence permits and assistance on other matters that can be of interest for immigrants.

Besides the programs mentioned above for investment/business purposes, foreign investors have other options if they want to start a business in Canada. Contact our immigration lawyers in Canada for more details.