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Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Canada, one of the largest countries in the world by size, is home to a large number of migrants who have come to work here and never left. The government was the one to come up with solutions to populate vast areas of the country which had no inhabitants and the programs enabled so far proved to be successful: some of the immigrants work here, while some have started their own businesses in Canada.

Now, the number of those seeking to apply for citizenship in Canada has increased a lot. Our Canadian company formation agents can offer information how to obtain a Canadian passport.

The Citizenship Law in Canada in 2021

The first law on citizenship was enabled in 1946 and ever since it was amended several times. The last amendment brought to the Citizenship Act of Canada was in 2017. According to it, there are two ways in which Canadian citizenship can be obtained:

  • by descent, when at least one of the applicant’s parents is a Canadian citizen;
  • by naturalization, after the applicant has lived in Canada for a minimum period of 5 years based on a permanent residence card.

In the case of permanent residents, additional requirements apply. These are:

  • they must submit evidence they know one of the official languages spoken in Canada;
  • they have filed tax returns in Canada for at least 3 years out the 5 lived here.

Our company registration consultants in Canada can offer more information on the requirements related to applying for citizenship here. We can also help you set up a business in Canada.

Documents required to obtain a Canadian passport

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, one must file the following documents with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Department:

  • an application form issued by the department;
  • proof that one is entitled to apply for citizenship;
  • proof that the application speaks French or English;
  • pay the application fee.

Once the Canadian citizenship is obtained, one will have extended benefits, among which travel without any restrictions and even open a company in Canada.

Can one apply online for Canadian citizenship in 2021?

Yes, the local authorities have recently created an online application process that can be used by certain categories of persons who are entitled to apply for Canadian citizenship. At the moment, the service is still being developed by the immigration institutions and this is why only few categories can apply by using it. However, if you need to apply for Canadian citizenship in 2021 and your case is an emergency, you can fill out a web form that can fast-forward the process.    

For full information on the requirements related to applying for citizenship in this country, please feel free to contact our company formation consultants in Canada.