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Establish a Healthcare Business in Canada

Establish a Healthcare Business in Canada

Foreign investors who want to do business in Canada have numerous options. They can start companies in agriculture, energy or healthcare which are some of the largest and most important contributors to the Canadian economy.

No matter the industry chosen, all companies will be subject to certain business licensing requirements. For example, companies operating in the healthcare industry in Canada will be required to apply for licenses with various authorities. Below, our Canadian company formation agents explain how to start a healthcare business.

Types of healthcare businesses in Canada

Canada offers many investment opportunities in the healthcare sector which can be successfully exploited by foreign entrepreneurs. One can open one or more companies operating in one of the following branches of the healthcare industry:

  • open companies for designing and manufacturing of medical devices;
  • opening businesses for the production of pharmaceutical products;
  • opening medical practices, hospitals and other types of facilities;
  • opening pharmacies, drug stores and other types of shops for selling pharmaceutical products.

No matter the type of healthcare business one decides to open in Canada, the company registration process at the provincial or federal level is mandatory.

Licenses for healthcare companies in Canada

The legislation governing the Canadian healthcare industry is quite extensive, as both the federal government and local ones impose certain regulations and specific licensing requirements. Generally, the following licenses are required when opening a healthcare business in Canada:

  • a medical devices active license issued by Health Canada;
  • import and export licenses for companies importing, respectively exporting medical devices and products;
  • licenses for manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products issued by Health Canada;
  • food and nutrition licenses for companies manufacturing food supplements;
  • environmental licenses, as all companies must respect these regulations when producing pharmaceutical products.

Our company formation agents in Canada can help foreign investors who want to open businesses in the healthcare industry. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in registering your company.