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Obtain Work Permit in Canada

Obtain Work Permit in Canada

Those who want to immigrate to Canada are required to go through a specific procedure depending on the reason they want to move here. Many people relocate with the purpose of setting up a business in Canada, however, there are also plenty of foreign citizens who come here for work reasons.

Those who want to work in Canada need to apply for a work permit. The procedure can take up to a few months, which is why it is advisable to start the work permit application procedure in a timely manner.

Below, you can read about the procedure of obtaining a Canadian work visa. You can rely on our company formation agents in Canada for assistance in starting a business and obtaining a work permit here.

Types of work permits in Canada

There are two main types of work permits which can be obtained in Canada: the open and the employer-specific labor permit. The issuance of a work permit is subject to several criteria, based on the country of origin of the applicant, the type of work to be completed and the duration of the employment contract.

Prior to applying for a Canadian work visa, a candidate will need to respond a few questions with the Employment and Social Development Department (ESDC) which is in charge with completing labor market impact assessments used by Canadian companies seeking to hire foreign employees.

Our company registration consultants in Canada can offer information on the Employment Law and how companies here can hire foreign workers.

Obtaining an open employment permit in Canada

The Canadian open work permit is one of the most popular types of employment visas foreign citizens apply for because they can work for any Canadian company, except for two types of employers: those who are on a list of undesirable employers and those operating in the striptease, escort, and other related sectors.

The following categories for foreign workers can qualify for an open work permit in Canada:

  1. international students who have graduated high education schools and are eligible for post-graduation work permit programs;
  2. students who can no longer support their study costs can also apply for such a work permit;
  3. foreign citizens who have applied and obtained or are in the process of obtaining permanent residence in Canada;
  4. family members of persons who have applied for Canadian residency can also apply for work permits;
  5. spouses or partners of skilled workers or international students can also apply for open work permits in Canada;
  6. spouses or partners of applicants under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Scheme can also obtain Canadian open permits;
  7. refugees, temporary resident permit holders and workers participating in special programs can also obtain such work permits.

It is important to understand that the candidate, no matter his/her status, must also comply with other requirements when filing the application for a Canadian open work permit.

You can also ask our company formation agents in Canada for information on the regulations related to hiring foreign employees.

The employer-specific work permit in Canada

Another type of Canadian work permit which can be obtained by foreign citizens is the employer-specific permit which is issued based on a work contract with a Canadian company. In this case, the employer will need to comply with a few requirements, among which asking for the labor market impact assessment of the ESDC and proving that no suitable candidate was found in the country.

The Canadian employer-specific labor permit will be issued based on the employment contract. This type of work permit is usually issued to skilled individuals who want to relocate to Canada.

The conditions for obtaining an employer-specific work permit in Canada are more stringent and require more steps to complete.

Our company registration advisors in Canada can offer more information on how local companies can hire skilled workers through employer-specific labor permits.

What to consider when applying for a Canadian work permit

Those interested in moving to Canada for work or even with the purpose of starting a business here can apply for work permits, however, they should know that:

  • the visas are granted for periods of one to three years (most of the times, 3-year permits as issued in order to avoid extensions);
  • the application procedure is completed in approximately one month, which is quite fast;
  • there are also employment permits which do not require ESDC confirmation, in accordance with Canadian international agreements;
  • in terms of documentation, one will need to provide personal information, the application form, the employment offer (where applicable) and information about the qualifications.

If you need assistance in applying for a work permit or starting a company in Canada, please contact us.