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Open a Shop in Canada

Open a Shop in Canada

Foreign investors who want to open small businesses in Canada have several options. Among these setting up shops for selling various goods is a very good business idea for those who want to have their own company in a small Canadian town, for example.

Opening a shop in Canada requires no prior experience in a field, however, the businessman opening it should address the requirements of the local market in order to succeed. Our company formation agents in Canada can explain the requirements related to opening a shop in this country.

Registering a company for opening a shop in Canada

The establishment of a shop must start with the company registration process at a federal or regional level in Canada. In order to avoid unnecessary requirements, foreign investors who want to open small local shops are recommended to register their companies at a regional level. Those who want to set up large stores across the country, on the other hand, are advised to register their businesses at a federal level.

Our local advisors can help you with the registration at both local and federal levels for setting up various types of shops in Canada.

Licenses for shops in Canada

The licensing requirements for opening a shop in Canada will depend on the goods sold. Most of the times, the following licenses will be required when opening a store in Canada:

  • a building permit for new constructions, but also for renovating existing buildings;
  • fire safety certificates are also required when opening a shop in Canada;
  • import licenses for the products brought with the intention of selling them on the local market;
  • other licenses, depending on the types and categories of goods sold by the shop.

Our company registration consultants in Canada can offer information on the licensing requirements related to opening a store in this country.

Traditional and online shops in Canada

Canada is one of the largest markets in the world, therefore the demand for numerous types of goods is very high. Foreign investors who want to open shops in Canada can set up traditional and online stores for selling their products.

For assistance in setting up a business in Canada under the form of a shop, please contact our local representatives.