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Virtual Office in Canada

Virtual Office in Canada

virtual office in Canada provides varied business solutions for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to settle a start-up and who do not need for the moment a traditional business officeOur Canadian company formation agents can help investors to register their companies in Canada and also provide their clients with virtual offices and related services. 

 Quick Facts  
 Definition of a virtual office  A virtual office in Canada refers to a physical place for doing business, which provides the basic services necessary for the needs of an investor.   

 Main services offered by a virtual office 

 A virtual office provides a registered business address, where businesses can receive their official mail.

The main services can vary from one service provider to another. 

 Situations when it is recommended to purchase the services of a virtual office 

 The virtual office is recommended for new businessowners who need to have a registered address in Canada (mandatory for all businesses) and who do not need a traditional office space.  

 Main advantages 

 – a registered business address;

– a professional business image;

– virtual offices are usually located in reputable business areas;

– very low costs compared to a traditional office;

– flexible services 

 Average monthy costs of a virtual office 

The average cost of a virtual office in Canada can vary from $40 to $150, depending on the location and services.  

 Average monthly costs in Toronto (largest city)

 Around $99

 Additional services  

 – dedicated phone number;

– a receptionist;

– call forwarding/redirecting;

– mail correspondence forwarding;

– the collection of bank statements;

– usage of private offices for a certain number of days/months;

– usage of the conference room, for professional meetings

 Where can clients obtain the services of a virtual office in Canada? 

 A virtual office is a service that can be purchased in any large Canadian city.

It is usually located in a (or close to) a business area of the city.

 Types of clients usually renting the services of a virtual office 

Local and foreign businessmen who do not need a traditional office space.

It can be useful for self-employed persons, start-up owners, businessmen with limited financial resources or investors who develop an online business activity.  

 Contractual advantages   Clients can benefit from the right of modifying the services listed in a contract, in accordance with their current needs. 
 Types of contracts  

 The contract can be signed on a monthly basis, for 6 months, for 1 year or for 2 years. 

 Services provided by our team  

 Our team can help clients in selecting the proper virtual office package.

Lowest monthly costs  

 $25 to $30

 Highest monthly costs 

 $495 (in Toronto, for a package that includes all services)

 How can business owners do the transition from a virtual to a traditional office?   If an investor has the necessary budget and wants to move to a traditional office, he/she can wait until the virtual office contract expires or he/she can terminate the contract as per the stipulations agreed upon when signing the document. 

Starting a company in Canada with a virtual office may be subject to cost-effective expenses, and complete information in this matter can be offered by our team. Do not hesitate to inquire with our company formation agents in Canada about our virtual office services in various provinces around the country. We can help you obtain the services of a virtual office in Toronto

What services can one obtain through a virtual office in Canada?​

The services of a virtual office can be ideal for those who want to open a company in Canada and do not need to develop their business activities in a traditional office. Besides a notable and reliable business address in the main cities in Canada, our team can offer complete virtual office services (contact us for a virtual office in Vancouver) like:

  • a dedicated local phone number for the business, as agreed with the client;
  • call forwarding and redirect services  in accordance with the clients’ requests;
  • on demand, we can also provide clients with dedicated fax services;
  • mail and correspondence forwarding to any address, as requested by the client;
  • bank statement collection and storage or forwarding services, on request;
  • conference room meeting setup provided that we are notified a few days before.

Those interested in these services must know that the messages received from clients and business partners can be sent to the recipients of such services, regardless of the means of communication through which they are received. Besides offering a virtual office in Canada, we remind that our company incorporation specialists in Canada can help any foreign investor to register a company in Canada, by providing suitable help in drafting the documents with the authorities in charge. The manner in which one will open a company in Canada will also be influenced by the documents necessary and other procedures.  

What are the costs for the services of a virtual office in Canada?

The prices that you should expect to pay for the services of a virtual office will generally vary based on the region where you want to have your office, but the prices are similar at a national level, without any major differences. The differences in prices can appear based on the selected services. Thus, the price of a virtual office in Montreal can be different from the ones of a Calgary virtual office

Of course, the particular area of a region can be of importance as well, as, for instance, the services of a Calgary virtual office provided in the center of the city can be higher compared to other less advantageous regions of the city (such as those which are far away from the center). 

Another aspect which can influence the price is given by the type of building where the virtual office is located. If we refer to a top-A rated building, which is generally an office building located in a business region of the city, the costs can be higher compared to other types of buildings. 

The quality of the office itself, and the design of it can impact the costs you have to pay. Also, it must be noted that one can sign a contract for a limited period of time (several months) or for a longer period, such as one year, and this is also an aspect that can influence the overall cost. However, the virtual office remains one of the most cost-efficient solution when opening a company in Canada

In the list below, our team of consultants in company registration in Canada has prepared a short presentation on the prices you can expect to pay when selecting the services of a virtual office located in various Canadian regions. However, for a personalized offer, we highly recommend you to address to our specialists

  • at a national level, you can find prices for the services of virtual offices ranging from $40 to $115 (as an average sum);
  • if you are interested in a virtual office in Toronto, you can pay an average $92 to $130 per month, but you can also find offers at lower prices, such as only $59 per month;
  • virtual office in Vancouver can have higher costs, reaching even $250 per month, but you can also pay only $50 per month if you will only need the basic services, which are the address and the mailbox;
  • in the case of a virtual office in Montreal, the least you can expect to pay is $74 per month, and the price can increase to $310, if you select the most complex list of services;
  • the Calgary virtual office services can be purchased at lower prices, starting from $50 per month and those who will purchase the virtual office package for a financial year can pay only $500. 

Registered address services in Canada

One of the main reasons for using our virtual office services is that they can be used as a registered address for your company in Canada. In most cases, extra-provincial corporations and non-resident companies need to have registered addresses when establishing several offices around the country.

Because starting a company in Canada is slightly different from opening businesses in other countries, requesting virtual office services here is more common. Here are the main uses of a virtual office in Canada, which can be of help for a wide category of businessmen and business operations:

  1. when registered at a federal level, the virtual office is a suitable option for a company seeking to have a presence in a province or territory;
  2. companies can also choose virtual offices services when seeking to expand to one or more provinces or territories;
  3. having a registered address in certain provinces is a mandatory requirement, and a virtual office used as a registered address is a good option;
  4. virtual office services can also be used for simple business meetings with clients or partners.

As mentioned above, in certain provinces the need for a registered agent is mandatory. Often, this registered address can be provided under the form of a virtual officeOur company formation consultants in Canada can also help with the registration of companies for non-resident investors.

We invite you to read about the purchase of a Canadian virtual office in the scheme below:

Virtual Office Canada

Communications facilities in a virtual office in Canada

One of the most important aspects of choosing to purchase the services of a virtual office in Canada has to do with the fact that it comes with a local telephone number. By skipping the entire procedure of having a landline installed, the virtual office is ready to be used for various communication purposes, among which answering and taking messages, fax, and message forwarding services.

Another important communication service available with our virtual office package is the possibility of using conference rooms for their meetings. The option of having the respective room at your disposal for the desired period of time is very efficient from a financial point of view, thus helping you save an important amount of money. All you need to do is let us know a few days ahead about your need to use such a room.

Equipment found in a virtual office in Canada

One of the most important advantages of choosing a virtual office service in Canada is that it comes equipped with all the necessary tools to start an activity at once. Among these, communications equipment that supports phone conferences, fax, a desktop computer, printer, and scanner.

On request, the virtual office can be tailored to your needs and can incorporate other facilities. If you plan on opening a company in Canada and need a registered address, a virtual office service can be a good option to start with. Later, you can discuss with our local advisors about relocation possibilities.

Why choose a virtual office in Canada?

Businessmen can choose the services offered by virtual offices in Canada if they want to expand their activities in the country without the intention to purchase or rent office spacesVirtual offices in Canada are subject to lower expenses compared to the traditional ones, another reason why such a solution is preferred.

All the correspondence, via email, fax or phone, is redirected to the business owner, as our team can implement suitable communication channels. Additionally, the owner of a business in Canada, having a virtual office, can receive the bank statements or other financial documents and then can decide the next steps in this matter with the assistant or representative of the virtual office.

On request, the business meetings in Canada may take place in dedicated conference rooms. Starting a business in Canada with a virtual office may be a suitable option for entrepreneurs who want to establish their presence and services on the market in a fast and reliable manner. We are also at your disposal with numerous accounting services in Canada.Please watch our video on virtual office services in Canada:

FAQ on our Canadian virtual office services

Many people are confused about the use and costs of a virtual office package, even if this option has become more and more popular in countries with a developed real estate infrastructure. This also happens in Canada. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on a virtual office service in Canada and their answers:
1. Is a virtual office in Canada expensive?

No, as a matter of fact, the virtual office is one of the cheapest services available in this country. It represents the most cost-efficient solution that there is on the market, and the best alternative to developing a business activity in a traditional office
2. Are virtual offices available anywhere in Canada?

Virtual office services are usually available in most Canadian provinces and territories. As a general rule, one can find a virtual office in the center of a city or in a business region of the city, where one can have access to business buildings that offer various types of facilities and services. If you want the services of a virtual office in Toronto or those of a virtual office in Vancouver, our team can easily help you. We can assist you in this matter regardless of the region that you are interested in developing a business activity.
3. Can I use a virtual office even if I already have a business in Canada?

Yes, you can purchase one or more virtual office services in the Canadian provinces or territories you need. A virtual office is a great option for those who complete temporary activities. You can also modify the services that you benefit from based on the current needs of your business. For a virtual office in Montreal, our team remains at your disposal.    
4. Do I have to pay any taxes for using a virtual office service?

No, these services are not subject to taxation, so all you will need to pay is the price agreed in the contract. Besides the price established in the contract, you will not have to pay any additional fees or taxes. The only time when the price can increase is when you will change your virtual office package with another one that provides access to more services. 

If you carry your business activity thorough the services of a virtual office, you will need to pay taxes associated with your business operations – corporate taxes, employment taxes and any other tax obligations that will arise, but the virtual office itself will not create any tax obligationsOur team of specialists in company registration in Canada can offer more details on all your tax obligations as a businessowner.  

Why start a business in Canada?

There are numerous reasons for selecting Canada as a place for doing business. The country has a developed economy and numerous friendly policies address to foreign investors. According to Deloitte Canada, the Canadian economy is one of the most prosperous in the world, as it can be seen below:

  • the second quarter (Q2) of 2019, brought an economic growth of 3.7% for Canada;
  • the second half of 2019 was projected to deliver a 1.5% growth;
  • the overall growth for 2019 is predicted to reach 1.6%;
  • 2020 and 2021 are expected to bring a higher growth of 1.7%.
  • according to the Bank of Canada, the country’s inflation was 2.2% at the end of 2019.

Virtual office compared to a traditional office in Canada

Those who do not know what to choose between a traditional and a virtual office in Canada can check the next comparison: the virtual office is cheaper to purchase compared to a traditional office which also needs to be equipped, there is no need to hire or dispatch employees at a virtual office compared to a traditional one and there are no maintenance costs for a virtual office compared to a traditional office.

For a better understanding of the benefits of a virtual office in Canada, we invite you to solicit comprehensive information from our team of specialists in company formation in Canada, if you will need assistance. Please contact us if you are also interested in buying a ready-made company in Canada.