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Creating a Publishing Business in Canada

Creating a Publishing Business in Canada

Canada is one of the most prolific markets when it comes to the publishing industry all over the world, as companies here import and export many types of publishing works, among which books and magazines are representative.

Foreign investors who want to invest in the publishing sector in Canada are welcomed by a set of laws which regulate this industry. Moreover, Canada has one of the most generous legislative framework when it comes to the media industry.

Below, our Canadian company formation agents explain how to set up a publishing business in this country.

Requirements to register a publishing business in Canada

Setting up a company in Canada implies several steps, no matter the chosen industry. One of the differences between Canada and other countries is that the registration of a publishing company can be done at federal or provincial level, which is why an accurate study of the market the future business owner wants to address is essential.

The most popular type of structure used for registering a publishing company is the Canadian corporation. It can be used for setting up traditional publishing companies which imply written press or digital books and magazines. In the latter case, the enterpriser should also consider registering a website.

Our local consultants can help with the registration of a Canadian publishing business with the local or federal offices of the Trade Register.

Legislation imposed to publishing companies in Canada

As mentioned above, Canada has an extensive legislation related to the opening of companies in the publishing and media sectors. Among these, the most important one is the Media Act and its Regulations.

Publishing houses and independent publishers can enter:

  • the Association of Canadian Publishers;
  • the Newspaper Association;
  • the Association of Broadcasters;
  • the Magazine Publishers Association.

With respect to the licenses which must be obtained by publishing companies in Canada, these are issued by the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

For full information and licensing of publishing businesses, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives in Canada. We remind you that we can help with the incorporation of such company at both federal and territorial level.