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Set Up a FMCG Company in Canada

Set Up a FMCG Company in Canada

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector has one of the largest industries in the world thanks to the higher purchase power of populations around the globe. As one of the largest countries in this world, Canada relies on the FMCG industry which contributes significantly to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Those who want to open FMCG companies in Canada have several options. Our company formation agents in Canada can explain the requirements related to starting such a business.

Registering a FMCG business in Canada

The company registration procedure for a business in the fast-moving consumer goods implies incorporating a company at a provincial or federal level in Canada. It should be taken into account that each the requirements are different in each province, as well as federal level. The same principle applies from a taxation point of view.

Options for FMCG companies in Canada

We mentioned earlier that company owners in Canada have several options when it comes to opening businesses in the FMCG industry. Out of these options we mention the following:

  • companies which produce and deliver all types of FMCG goods at a local level;
  • companies which produce and deliver FMCG products at international level;
  • companies which only produce FMCG goods for local communities;
  • companies specialized in the production of specific FMCG products.

Also, FMCG companies in Canada can only act as suppliers or distributors for the local market.

Business licenses for FMCG businesses in Canada

When it comes to the licenses a FMCG company must apply for in Canada, the list is quite extensive because of the wide variety of products this industry implies.

Production or manufacturing licenses are required for companies producing goods, while import and export permits are needed when importing, respectively exporting goods. Also, transportation licenses are needed for companies acting as suppliers or distributors of FMCG products in Canada. In certain cases, companies must also apply for warehousing licenses.

The requirements for setting up a FMCG company in Canada depend very much on the product the business targets, therefore we recommend you contact our local consultants for assistance in opening such a company here.