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Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Foreign citizens who want to move to Canada have various options in terms of visas they can obtain. However, for those planning to apply for citizenship in Canada and do not want to keep applying for temporary residence permit extensions, there are a few programs that enable them to apply for permanent residence followed by obtaining a Canadian passport.

The citizenship application for Canada can be completed with the help of our specialists. Also, if you are interested in starting a business in Canada, our agents are at your service.

Citizenship and immigration options for foreign citizens in Canada in 2024

Canada is one of the most open countries in the world when it comes to the immigration of foreign nationals, as it lacks a workforce in key economic sectors. Those who want to obtain citizenship in Canada must meet a few requirements before applying for it.

The citizenship application in Canada will usually imply one of the following steps:

  1. moving here by starting a business or through employment-based on temporary residency,
  2. obtaining permanent residence directly (there are several programs under which it can be obtained),
  3. by moving here if one of the ancestors was a Canadian citizen (descent),
  4. by marrying a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, a case in which various requirements must be met.

Out of all these options, permanent residency through naturalization remains the most accessed way to citizenship in Canada.

You can also rely on our company formation specialists in Canada if you want to have your own business in this country.

According to the Canadian government, the rules regarding the issuance of citizenship have been simplified. Starting with 4 January 2023, successful applicants can choose to be issued with an electronic certificate of citizenship or a paper certificate.

It is also worth knowing that some of the applicants can apply for citizenship through online means. However, this is not the standard procedure applicable to all persons who consider they qualify for citizenship.

Please know that you can apply for citizenship in 2024 only if you respect all the criteria for citizenship. If so, one day after you meet all the requirements, you can complete the form and start the procedure. In certain situations, applicants can request a faster citizenship process.

How to obtain citizenship in Canada through a permanent residence permit

There are several programs available for foreign citizens interested in citizenship and immigration to Canada. One of the most appreciated is the Express Entry Visa which, just as its name says, is the fastest way to relocate to this country.

The Express Entry Visa Scheme comprises several sub-schemes that were created with the purpose of helping Canadian companies hire professional workers. The following programs are part of this scheme:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • the Federal Skill Trades Program;
  • the Canadian Experience Class.

Apart from these, there is also the Provincial Nominee Program which enables foreign citizens to obtain citizenship in Canada in specific regions (provinces or territories). However, it should be noted that in this case, each province has specific requirements.

The citizenship application in Canada under the permanent residence program can be overseen by our lawyers who specialize in immigration issues.

Citizenship by descent in Canada in 2024

Even if it is not often employed, citizenship by descent is one of the options for those who want to immigrate to Canada and establish themselves here for good.

This type of citizenship application for Canada implies submitting proof of their ancestors who were/are citizens of this country. In the case of those who had grandparents or other close family members that had lived in Canada many years ago, thorough research is required, a case in which citizenship by naturalization remains a quicker option.

Should you have any questions about citizenship and immigration to Canada, our lawyers here can answer them in the shortest time possible.

The citizenship application in Canada by marriage

Foreign citizens married to Canadian ones are eligible for citizenship provided that they meet certain criteria. This usually matches those of the other immigration programs, however, there are also a few differences. Among them, we can mention the following:

  • the foreign spouse must live in Canada for 5 years,
  • he or she must have filed tax returns here for at least 3 of the 5 years.

Sponsorship is also available when seeking to obtain Canadian citizenship by marriage. Please know that the processing of the citizenship on the account of being married to a Canadian citizen can take around 11-14 months.

What is the simplest way to obtain Canadian citizenship?

At the moment, the Express Entry Visa is the simplest and fastest way to Canadian citizenship. However, applicants should know that it is based on a point-based system that requires a minimum of 67 points in order to be eligible for immigration.

In terms of immigration, the following data is provided by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR):

  • an average of 200,000 foreigners have moved to Canada every year in the past 10 years,
  • at the level of 2016, around 22% of the persons born here had foreign descent,
  • the same year, 1,212,075 immigrants were registered to live in Canada.

One of the immigration streams available in Canada which can offer the possibility to reunite with family members, including spouses, is the family stream. In 2024, the family stream will account for 114,000 visas and the largest sub-group is the spouses, partner and children, accounting for 82,000 visas.

Other programs that can grant the right to apply for citizenship are the economic stream and the refugee and humanitarian stream. Of course, under any of these programs, foreigners have to become permanent residents in the initial stages and then apply for citizenship, as there isn’t any direct route to automatic citizenship in these cases.

If you are interested in citizenship in Canada, no matter if you already live here or are planning to relocate, do not hesitate to contact our specialists for tailored immigration services. Please mind that for 2022, Canada has approved an immigration plan that will allow 431,645 to become permanent residents, while in 2024, the immigration program was expanded to 485,000 persons.