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Registered Agent Services for Canadian Companies

Registered Agent Services for Canadian Companies

The creation of a company in Canada attracts the appointment of officers in the business. Where such officers cannot be appointed registered agents can offer services in this sense. A registered agent is a person or company which must comply with certain legal requirements in order to provide these services.

Our specialists in company formation in Canada can offer registered agent services to extra-provincial corporations interested in operating in this country. We invite you to read below about the services we can provide you with as registered agents in Canada.

Who can act as a registered agent in Canada?

Individuals with the age above 18 and companies incorporated in Canada can act as registered agents in one or more provinces or territories. It is important to know that in some provinces, the agent offering such services must have a legal residence in the case of individuals and be registered as a company in the respective province. In other situations, the registered agent will need a power of attorney to represent the client in another Canadian province or territory.

Our company registration agents in Canada are qualified to offer such services.

Services covered by a Canadian registered agent

The following services are at the disposal of extra-provincial companies in need of registered agent services in Canada:

  1. the registered agent can offer company incorporation services in Canada;
  2. such an agent can also offer office and records services to Canadian extra-provincial companies;
  3. the registered agent can also act as a contact point between the company and third parties;
  4. the agent can also act as a signatory on behalf of the company in matters of official documents.

It is possible for those who want to set up companies in Canada to choose one or more services provided by a registered agent, in accordance with their needs.

Company registration services offered by our agents in Canada

Our registered agents in Canada can provide you with quick and effective business incorporation solutions in accordance with your needs. We can help you register any type of company in Canada, among which the corporation is the most employed business form among foreign investors.

Our registered agent services in Canada include the registration of businesses at federal, provincial or territorial level. For a personalized offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives.

Office and records services in Canada

When the registered agent term was first introduced, the main services such an agent could offer were related to a registered office for companies to be incorporated and those of office records. The first service refers to the fact that a company can use the legal address of the registered agent as a company address for their business, while the office records services refer to the fact that the registered agent will keep the records of the company at the respective address for as long as it is necessary.

We can provide you with tailored registered address and records services in Canada. We can also offer virtual office services for those looking for cheaper options.

The registered agent can represent a company in certain situations

One of the uses of a registered agent is that of a contact point or legal representative in relation to the Canadian authorities. It is good to know that in certain cases, the authorities send various documents to a company and the business has the obligation of responding in a specific period of time.

With the help of our registered agent services in Canada, such documents can be received, signed for and forwarded without the minimal delay. On request, one of our representatives can sign the documents on your behalf and send them to the authorities.

We can also sign court orders and other legal documents, not only those related to commercial matters in the company.

Facts about starting a company in Canada

Canada is a major player at an international level from an economic point of view. With important oil resources, Canada is one of the most important economies in the world which makes very attractive for foreign entrepreneurs. 2019 is expected to be a good year for Canada, as statistics indicate that:

  •  in 2018, the Canadian economy registered a 2.1% increase;
  •  in 2018, exports grew by 2% compared to the previous year;
  •  the economy is expected to remain solid and grow by 2% by the end of this year;
  •  19% of Canadian SMEs are digitally advanced up to this point of the year.

For complete information about our registered agent services for companies in Canada, do not hesitate to contact us.