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Open a Jewelry Business in Canada

Open a Jewelry Business in Canada

There are various industries a foreign investor can operate in Canada. Among these, the jewelry industry is very prolific and offers many business opportunities to those interested in exploring it. Foreigners can open jewelry companies in Canada as traditional or online shops or can set up artisanal businesses.

Those who want to establish jewelry businesses in Canada must comply with the requirements of several laws, among which one of the most important is the Precious Metals Marking Law.

Our company formation agents in Canada can help with the registration of a jewelry company with the Business Register.

How to register a jewelry business in Canada

No matter if the company is registered at a federal or territorial level, the steps for incorporating the company are the same and are mandatory no matter if the jewelry shop will operate online or as traditional brick and mortar business.

You can rely on our local consultants for information and complete assistance during the procedure of registering the company.

Requirements imposed on jewelry companies in Canada

Among the most important requirements a Canadian jewelry business must respect, we remind the following:

  • when creating and/or selling jewels made of precious metals, the marking of the items must respect the law mentioned above;
  • the quality mark must respect the type of metal used for the creation of the jewelry piece;
  • the jewelry piece must also bear a mark which indicates its registration with the Trade Mark Office in Canada;
  • for imported items, the law requires for these to be appropriately marked and labeled.

It should be noted that there are various types of jewelry shops which can be established in Canada if considering the types of products sold and not all of them are subject to the same requirements.

Selling non-precious metal jewels in Canada

The sale of non-precious metals in Canada must not bear the quality marking imposed by the law, however, these products must respect the regulations related to the use of dangerous metals. These must respect the Consumer Product Safety Law and the requirements imposed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Jewelry businesses can register with the Canadian Jewelers Association.

For assistance in opening a jewelry business, please contact our company registration advisors in Canada.