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Establish a Restaurant in Canada

Establish a Restaurant in Canada

Tourism is one of the most appealing industries to start a business in Canada. With cities like Toronto and Montreal which attract great number of visitors every year, setting up a travel agency or any other type of business in Canada can be a very good source of income. Restaurants are also very appreciated by tourists, therefore opening a restaurant can be a very good business idea.

Foreign investors who want to open restaurants in Canada must comply with the local legislation, obtain the necessary approvals and licenses and secure the conditions for operating such business.

Our Canadian company formation agents can offer information on the legislation applicable to food establishments.

Types of food establishments in Canada

One of the most attractive facts about opening a food establishment in Canada is the variety of businesses which can be set up in this industry. Foreign investors can set up:

  • restaurants;
  • diners;
  • fast-food restaurants;
  • coffee shops;
  • pubs;
  • food trucks.

No matter the type of restaurant business one will open, the licensing requirements are the same. Also, the first step to open the restaurant will be to register a company with the Trade Register in Canada.

Our local consultants can assist with the registration procedure of the Canadian company.

Licenses and employee requirements for restaurants in Canada

Once the Canadian company is up and running, the business owner must obtain the restaurant license. Because of the fact that Canada is divided into provinces, foreign enterprisers must know that each province has specific requirements related to obtaining such license.

Generally speaking, restaurants in Canada must obtain the following licenses:

  • food licenses;
  • alcoholic beverages licenses;
  • music licenses, which are not mandatory if the restaurant does not have music playing on the premises;
  • licenses for the organization of special events, which must be obtain for these occasions only.

Also, all Canadian restaurants must hire personnel who have obtain the accredited food handler certifications.

If you want to start a food business in Canada and need assistance with the company incorporation procedure, you can rely on our local consultants, so do not hesitate to contact us