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Gambling Activities in Canada

Gambling Activities in Canada

Gambling is one of the largest industries of the global economy and it is present and legal in most countries in the world, including in Canada. Those interested in starting a business in the gambling industry in Canada must comply with several laws, among which federal, but also territorial and provincial ones.

Below, our Canadian company formation consultants offer information on the gambling activities which can be carried out in this country and the laws regulating them.

Gambling legislation in Canada

As mentioned above, those who want open companies in Canada and operate in the gambling industry must comply with several laws which apply at national level, but also with laws which apply in the region they will operate.

The main law governing gambling activities in Canada is the Criminal Code which contains specific provisions for those setting up casinos and other types of gaming facilities in the country.

At provincial level, the following laws apply:

  • the Gaming and Liquor Law in Alberta;
  • the Gaming Control Law in British Colombia;
  • the Gaming Control Law in New Brunswick;
  • the Lotteries Law in Northwest Territories;
  • the Gaming Control Law in Nova Scotia;
  • the Liquor and Gaming Control Law, the Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Law in Manitoba;
  • the Gaming and Liquor Regulations and the Gaming Corporation Law in Saskatchewan;
  • the Lottery Corporations Law and the Lotteries, Amusement Machines and Publicity Contents Law in Quebec;
  • the Gaming Control and Gaming Corporations Law in Ontario;
  • the Lottery Licensing Law in Yukon.

Our local consultants can assist foreign investors who want to open Canadian companies in the gambling industry.

Types of gaming activities in Canada

Both the federal and provincial laws accept the following gambling activities in Canada:

  • casinos;
  • racetrack operations;
  • bingo activities;
  • online gambling activities;
  • slot machines;
  • lotteries and ticket lotteries.

It should be noted that each Canadian territory imposes certain restrictions related to the age of the participants in gambling activities and the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of casinos.

For full information on gambling activities in Canada, please contact our advisors. You can also rely on us if you want to open a company in Canada.