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Lawyers in Canada

Lawyers in Canada

Canada is an attractive country from many points of view, among which study, work and business are among the most appreciated by foreign citizens. When first coming to Canada, one must get acquainted with the legal and taxation systems here in order to integrate with society quickly. For these, and many other reasons, the help of lawyers in Canada can be crucial.

If you are looking for law firms in Canada in order to secure various legal services, our specialists are at your disposal in several cities across the country. Below, you can find out how our lawyers in Toronto and Calgary can help you.

First and foremost, you can rely on us if you are interested in starting a business in Canada.

Legal services provided by our lawyers in Canada

There are many law firms in Canada among which one can choose, however, it always best to go for those in the city one plans to relocate or start a business in. As mentioned earlier, we work with law firms in Toronto and Calgary, some of the most important cities in this state.

Among the services one can obtain with our Canadian lawyers are:

  1. complete company formation services all over Canada which imply paperwork drafting and filing with the local authorities;
  2. real estate purchase services in large cities or towns in Canadian provinces for those seeking to permanently relocate here;
  3. tailored immigration services through one of the national or provincial programs developed by the Government;
  4. legal assistance in preparing various types of agreements and contracts with natural and legal persons;
  5. assistance in understanding how taxation in Canada works at both federal and provincial levels;
  6. legal representation in disputes no matter if these take place outside or within Canadian courts of justice.

If we failed to mention a service that you need, our lawyers in Toronto and Calgary, as well as in other cities are at your disposal for detailed information.

Rely on our law firms in Canada for starting a business

One of the most appealing ways of moving to Canada is by starting a company. Foreign citizens have the possibility of taking the fastest way, which implies enrolling in the Start-Up Visa Program, or going the usual way, which refers to completing the company formation steps as any other business person here.

No matter the choice, our lawyers in Canada can help with the following:

  • advice on choosing one of the available types of entities under the Canadian Business Law;
  • document drafting, notarization and filing with the federal or provincial offices of Trade Register;
  • bank account opening under very advantageous conditions with local banks or branches of foreign ones;
  • tax and GST registration, and business licensing.

Feel free to address your requests to our lawyer in Calgary, if this is the city you are interested in.

Immigrate and purchase a property in Canada with the help of our law firms

Foreign citizens who are attracted by the lifestyle and living conditions provided by the Canadian Government, and which are very good, can move here permanently and buy their own properties. Throughout the entire process, our lawyers in Canada will be at their side with advice, as well as with tailored support that can imply:

  • real estate due diligence on the property to buy;
  • assistance in preparing the sale-purchase agreement;
  • assistance in preparing the immigration documents and advice on how to go through the immigration interview.

Our lawyers in Toronto can help you move to Canada, as this is one of the most sought cities by foreign citizens, thus you will have the possibility of entering one of the country’s largest immigrant communities.

Why choose our lawyers in Canada?

Canada is very different from Asian and European countries from a legal point of view, and the impact on the system here can be overwhelming. However, with the support of our law firms in Canada, this impact can be reduced significantly. With a broad experience in the fields mentioned above and with all our attention dedicated to one’s situation, the outcome cannot be but a good one.

With established presences in some of the largest cities of the country, among which Toronto and Calgary, our lawyers will be able to offer their services to citizens of other countries.

When it comes to immigrants living in Canada, the National Statistics Office offers the following information:

  • most of the immigrants living in Canada are from Asian countries – more than 3 million citizens;
  • these are followed by Europeans with a population of a little over 2 million citizens;
  • South American citizens are also representative with a population of more than 1 million;
  • Ontario has the largest communities of immigrants with more than 3 million foreign citizens.

For any legal services you might need, please contact our lawyers in Canada.

Our lawyers can provide step-to-step assistance to those who want to open a business in Canada. You can rely on us for information on the commercial law, the corporate tax regulations, but also on the immigration obligations available for foreign businessmen.

Our team can represent you in the process of bringing in the country your close family members, but also in the visa requirements applicable when hiring foreign workforce.