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Open a Canadian Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Open a Canadian Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Transportation is one of the largest industries in Canada and is made of several branches, among which transport equipment is one of the most important. The transportation sector is divided into the transport of passengers and goods for which different equipment is required.

Those who want to open a business for repair of transport equipment in Canada can do so by respecting the regulations imposed at a federal, but also provincial level. Below, our company formation agents in Canada explain the requirements related to starting a company for repair of transport equipment. We can also ensure assistance in setting up such a business venture in Canada.

Requirements for setting up a Canadian business for repair of transport equipment

Both local and foreign investors have the same rights when it comes to starting a business in Canada. Among these, they must respect the provisions imposed by the Company Law at a federal level and those imposed by the Canadian province in which the company will operate.

The same requirements apply when starting a company for the repair of transport equipment, with the mention that there are several types of transportation means and, in some cases, special requirements apply.

Those who want to open businesses for offering transport equipment repair services in Canada must consider the following:

  1. the company will need a suitable trade name, but it can also be incorporated based on a registration number assigned by the Trade Register;
  2. the documents to be submitted with the Companies Register must contain as the main object of activity of the business the repair of transport equipment;
  3. the company must also register for taxation and VAT purposes in the province in which it will offer its services;
  4. the company must enroll with the pension, social security and workers’ compensation scheme for accidents;
  5. the business must respect the licensing requirements imposed by the Ministry of Transport in Canada;
  6. the Canadian company must ensure it hires specializes personnel for the activities it will undertake.

With respect to the personnel to be hired in a company offering repair services for transport equipment, the workers must have specific qualifications. Among these, for those operating in the public transportation sector, mechanics and engineers need to be hired. In the air transportation sector, on the other hand, the technicians must hold aircraft maintenance licenses.

With a vast experience in company formation matters in Canada, our specialists can guide you through the incorporation of a business for repair of transport equipment.

Types of transport equipment in Canada

Those who want to open companies for offering repair services in the transportation sector should know that Canada has one of the largest and most complex transportation systems in the world, thanks to its size.

The following types of transport equipment can be found in Canada:

  • transport equipment of passenger which is made by public transportation means found in every city in Canada, such as buses, subway, and taxis;
  • railway transport equipment used for the transportation of passengers, but also merchandise at a local and international level;
  • airway transport equipment which is also used to transport passengers and merchandise on internal and international routes;
  • waterway transport equipment – Canada relies on its maritime fleet to transport various goods imported by companies in other countries.

It is important to note that even if all companies in the transportation sector must comply with the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Transport, there are also other authorities governing each sector.

Our company registration consultants in Canada can offer more information on the requirements related to registering a business for repair of transport equipment.

Why open a business for repair of transport equipment in Canada?

Thanks to its size and geographical location, Canada is an important trading hub for the entire American continent. Water, rails, and air are the most important transportation means through which merchandise and passengers are moved from one place to another, the flux is one of the highest in the entire world.

Whether a company decides to offer repair services for buses, aircraft, trains or boats, the profits are nearly the same in every industry.

In the private and public transportation sector, the Ministry of Transport has recently proposed a set of incentives for those acquiring electric vehicles.

If you are interested in opening a Canadian business for repair of transport equipment, do not hesitate to contact our representatives for legal support.

Our consultants can guide through all the steps for the registration of a business for the repair of transport equipment. If you will open a business in Canada in this industry you will need specific business permits and licenses that can be presented by our team.
Contact us now if you want to know more on the fees you are required to pay throughout all the stages of the registration process.