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Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

Canada has its share of illegal activities, just like any other country. The offenses committed by persons or companies are tried by the federal, provincial, or municipal court system, however, the difference between a good and bad defense is based on the assistance of a lawyer.

We have a team of criminal lawyers in Toronto who are ready to offer their support to those who face various charges, but also to those who have become victims of offenders and need support in obtaining justice.

Below, we invite you to read how our criminal lawyer in Brampton can help you no matter which side of the law you are on.

If you are looking into starting a business in Canada, you can rely on our specialists who can handle such requests.

Criminal legislation in Canada

As mentioned above, criminal offenses can be tried by federal, provincial, or territorial, but also by municipal courts, each with its own jurisdiction. The main law under which our criminal lawyer in Toronto can provide legal assistance is the Criminal Code which is applicable at the level of the entire country.

The Code provides for many types of offenses for which our lawyers can offer assistance. For detailed information, our criminal lawyer in Brampton is at your service.

Our lawyers in Canada offer a wide range of services to those who need legal assistance.

The main services provided by our criminal lawyers in Canada

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Toronto, here are the main services you can obtain with us:

  1. drunk driving and abuse of substance are also cases that can be handled by our criminal lawyer in Brampton;
  2. gun possession and use and other associated offenses are also in the attention of our lawyers;
  3. assistance in police detention, bail hearings, or failure to comply with bail conditions;
  4. charges related to the possession or use of drugs can also be handled by our criminal lawyers.

These are also the main offenses covered by the Criminal Code and under which our lawyers can offer various approaches based on the court trying the case.

 Also, if you need representation in business-related crimes, our Canadian criminal lawyers can provide you with the necessary legal support.

Court representation offered by our criminal lawyers in Toronto

All cases which imply more or less serious offenses end up in court if the police apprehended an offender, a case in which legal representation in the court of law is required. Moreover, it is best to ask for legal support right from the police station, as any person has the right to an attorney.

Our criminal lawyer in Brampton can take any case and offer representation directly at the police station where the future strategy of the case will be decided. Once in court, our lawyer can ask for bail to be set in order for the client to be released at the earliest as possible.

Our criminal lawyer in Toronto can also focus on the needs of victims who need representation in various legal matters.

The assistance of a criminal lawyer is very important no matter the case and our attorneys are at your service for advice and representation, depending on the situation.

How to choose a criminal lawyer in Toronto

Choosing a criminal lawyer can be difficult, as there are many attorneys who offer similar services, however, client testimonials and recommendations are among the employed methods of choosing the right lawyer. Moreover, it is possible for a lawyer to be specialized in a certain criminal area, which will help offenders or victims decide faster.

No matter the approach you consider when choosing a criminal lawyer in Brampton or any other part of the country, you must know that all attorneys must be registered with Canada’s Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA).

Canada’s Law Societies

Canada has a very advanced legal system under which any person or company is entitled to legal representation from independent lawyers. However, these must be registered with one of Canada’s Law Societies in order to be recognized and to be allowed to offer their services in a legal manner.

The following aspects are important when a person is in search of a lawyer:

  • Canada has a total of 14 law societies at provincial and territorial levels;
  • these societies are home to more than 130,000 lawyers;
  • Quebec is home to the largest community of notaries which is made of 3,800 members;
  • Ontario has the largest community of independent paralegals made of 11,300 members.

For more information on our services, please contact our criminal lawyer in Toronto.

We invite you to contact our specialists for other legal matters. For instance, persons who are interested to set up a business in Canada can contact our team of consultants, who are specialized in offering company formation services to local and foreign businessmen.

Our team can prepare the documentation and can help you in the procedures you must complete before your arrival (the appropriate immigration formalities).