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Set Up a Catering Company in Canada

Set Up a Catering Company in Canada

Starting a business in the food and beverages sector in Canada can be a very good idea for foreigners who move here, as this industry is very developed. One can set up a company for manufacturing food and beverages but can also decide to open a restaurant or a catering business.

No matter the type of food business one decides for, the legislation in this domain must be respected. Below, our company formation agents in Canada have prepared a guide on the rules and licenses related to starting a catering company.

Types of catering businesses which can be opened in Canada

The catering services sector is quite popular in Canada and works well in both large cities and small towns. This type of businesses caters to Canadian companies who prefer to work with them in order to offer meals to their employees, but also to individuals.

The following types of companies can offer catering services in Canada:

  • restaurants;
  • dining businesses;
  • coffee shops and cafeterias;
  • pubs and bistros;
  • fast-foods;
  • trucks;
  • brasseries.

No matter the type of catering business one decides for, the same company registration and licensing requirements apply. Our local consultants can help with the company registration procedure in Canada.

Registration and licensing requirements for Canadian catering companies

No matter the type of catering company one chooses to open in Canada, the following steps must be completed:

  1. the company must be registered with the local or federal office of the Trade Register;
  2. the company must also register with the tax office in the city or town it will operate;
  3. the company must obtain the food license from the authorities in the province it will operate;
  4. the catering establishment must also undergo the inspection of the authorities in charge with issuing the operating licenses;
  5. hiring specialized personnel is mandatory when opening an establishment which handles food;
  6. the catering company must comply with the processing, storage, and labeling regulations.

It should be noted that the regulations for opening a catering business depend on the province the company will operate in.

Please feel free to contact our Canadian company formation advisors if you need help in setting up a catering business