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Set Up a Plumbing and Ventilation Business in Canada

Set Up a Plumbing and Ventilation Business in Canada

There are various types of businesses which can be created in the energy and energy-related sectors in Canada for those who do not want to establish large companies. Also, those who have specific qualifications, such as plumbers, can easily start small businesses in the plumbing and ventilation sector in Canada.

Being a large country with very pretentious weather, homeowners often face plumbing, heating and ventilation problems which require repair and maintenance services. However, the same size of the country requires for qualified plumbers in large cities and small towns. This is why starting a plumbing and ventilation business can be a great opportunity for those interested in obtaining good profits without a too large investment.

Below, our company formation consultants in Canada explain the requirements imposed by various laws when it comes to opening a plumbing and ventilation company. You can rely on for specialized company registration services in all Canadian provinces.

Business forms for opening a plumbing and ventilation company in Canada

No matter the size of the business, a Canadian plumbing and ventilation company must operate under one of the structures provided by the Company Law. The sole proprietorship and the corporation are the most employed types of structures of setting up plumbing and ventilation businesses, no matter their size.

Setting up a plumbing and ventilation business as a freelancer in Canada

One of the simplest ways of operating a plumbing and ventilation business in Canada is by registering as a sole trader with the authorities in the city in which the company will offer its services. The registration procedure of a sole trader is quite simple, however, those who want to operate as freelancers must comply with the local requirements imposed by the territorial government in the province in which the business will operate. Also, they must submit proof of their qualifications as plumbers in order to obtain the authorization.

The advantage of setting up a Canadian plumbing and ventilation business as a freelancer is that it can operate on a small scale and provide specific services. The disadvantages are that it can only undertake a limited number of jobs and that freelancers usually cater to the needs of small communities.

Using a corporation for a Canadian plumbing and ventilation business

The plumbing and ventilation business can also operate also like a corporation or limited liability company, however, for registering this business form the formalities to be completed are more extensive. Among these we remind that:

  • the business owner must prepare a set of documents which need to be filed with the Trade Register;
  • corporate bank account must be opened for depositing the share capital of the business;
  • the company must also obtain certain licenses for being able to offer its services;
  • hiring a few workers will become a necessity when operating at a larger scale.

Compared to the freelancer, the corporation has the advantage of being able to complete more complex jobs and thus make higher profits.

Our company registration specialists in Canada can help you select the right business form in accordance with your target. They can also help you incorporate the chosen business form at federal or local levels, as required by the law.

Legislation in the plumbing and ventilation sector in Canada

Those who want to open plumbing and ventilation businesses must comply with the same regulations imposed on companies supplying air conditioning installation and repair services in Canada. The most important law is the Canadian Building Code which provides for the types of appliances to be used and the safety and efficiency standards these must comply with.

With respect to the plumbing and ventilation standards, the Building Act provides for:

  • the installation of devices which can clean the air from particles and gases;
  • the ventilation systems must not discharge in any room of the building, but outside;
  • the plumbing and ventilation exhaust ducts must be installed separately, for the waste to be evacuated separately;
  • the plumbing system must be made of specific pipes for cold and hot water.

With respect to the plumbing standards, the size of the pipes which can be installed in residential or commercial buildings must respect a few requirements.

Also, only authorized people can complete plumbing and ventilation works in Canada.

If you plan on starting a plumbing and ventilation company in Canada, please contact us for assistance. We can help with the incorporation procedure for various types of businesses in Canada.

A company operating in this industry must comply with specific regulations. If you want to register a business in Canada in the plumbing and ventilation industries, our consultants remain at your service for any of the steps concerning the incorporation of the business.

Through the power of attorney, our consultants can help you obtain the necessary permits, licenses and authorizations required for these activities.

After you will commence the business operations, we can put you in contact with our accountants in Canada.

Your business will be legally required to hire an accredited accountant who can maintain the documents of the company and make the necessary reporting procedures in accordance with the accounting and reporting regulations applicable in this country, which are imposed to all businesses.

Please contact us for more information on other matters that can be of importance for investors.

For instance, our consultants can provide you with the necessary legal support when applying for the Owner Operator Program in Canada, though which a foreign investor is required to own at least 50.1% of the shares of a company operating in Canada or work as a self-employed person.

You can also rely on our team of information on the process of applying for the Intra Company Transfer in Canada, addressed only to foreigners who work in multinationals that have set up an office in a Canada.

The law states that the foreign company must operate in Canada through a subsidiary or a branch office, but affiliated companies are also eligible to become workplaces for intra-transferees.