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Employment Lawyer in Toronto

Employment Lawyer in Toronto

One of the main reasons for which foreign citizens immigrate to Canada is because of the many employment opportunities. Find a job in Canada as a foreign national is not complicated and when doubled by the efforts of the authorities to welcome overseas workers, it is quite rewarding to move here.

If you are in the process of moving or looking for a job in Canada and need information on the labor legislation, our employment lawyer in Toronto is at your service for guidance. We are also at the service of foreign investors interested in starting a company in Canada.

The Labor Code explained by our employment lawyer in Toronto

Just like any other country, Canada has specific regulations about the work relations between employers and employees. These relations are regulated through labor contracts that must be registered with the relevant authorities.

According to our employment lawyer in Toronto, the following important aspects should be known about the Canadian Labor Code:

  1. even if it is regulated at a national level, regional governments can decide on specific matters related to work terms;
  2. the federal government will have jurisdiction over employment in industries of national importance, such as transportation, shipping, banking, and telecommunications;
  3. all work relations between employers and employees are established based on individual labor contracts;
  4. there are several types of work contracts that can be drafted, and all must be registered with the relevant authorities in the Canadian province/territory the employers operate;
  5. both employer and employee must register for social security, insurance and pension purposes.

Our lawyers in Canada can offer more information on the Employment Law applicable here. Also, should you need further explanations, our employment lawyer in Toronto can advise you.
With respect to the types of contracts that can be concluded by Canadian companies and employees, these can be:

  • full-time contracts;
  • part-time contracts;
  • contracts for an undetermined period;
  • fixed-term contracts.

A good aspect related to employment in Canada is that trial periods are not a common thing, which is why where such a period is required, it must clearly be stipulated in the contract.

We are also at your service with various other services, among which immigration and company registration in Canada.

Foreign employers and employees in Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, therefore it attracts large numbers of foreign investors who set up companies here and hire local workforce.

According to the Labor Code, in order to hire Canadian citizens or residents it is best for a foreign company to establish a business presence here, as in other cases, the only option would be to work with contractors and partners which would not establish direct employment relations and which can lead to confusing situations.

When it comes to hiring foreign employees, Canadian companies will find it easier, as the government has enabled various immigration programs at national and provincial levels through which they can find the workforce outside the country. Once found, they will need to obtain residence permits, relocate here and start working.

No matter the situation, our employment lawyer in Toronto can support you as an employer or employee.

In the province of Ontario, all labor matters fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Training and Skills Development.

Legal assistance in employment-related matters in Canada

One of the main roles of an employment lawyer is to provide support with the labor documentation, among which drafting and verification of work contracts are among the most important.

Our employment lawyer in Toronto is at your service with such services and can also provide legal guidance in work-related disputes. Also, all our services are provided on a case-to-case basis and will target the exact matter of the client.

When it comes to employment contracts, it should be noted that there are provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec that have specific rules when it comes to employee privacy, while in others, among which British Columbia, the anti-discrimination rules are very strict.

Employment Law facts in Canada

As a general rule, the Canadian Labor Code provides for the following:

  • a workday cannot imply more than 8 hours of work;
  • an employee can work a maximum of 48 hours per week;
  • overtime must be paid 1,5 times the regular wage;
  • Canada has 9 public holidays respected by employers.

For more information and assistance related to the Labor Code, do not hesitate to contact our employment lawyer in Toronto.

Our consultants can offer additional information on the employment law, so do not hesitate to contact us.

It is important to know what your obligations will be when you will start a business in Canada and you will hire employees. Therefore, you can always rely on our team to learn more on your obligations as a future employer (the same rules apply regardless if you hire local or foreign workforce).

The financial matters concerning your employees must be handled by specialists who have a qualification in this sense, such as an accountant or a CPA in Canada. They can prepare all the documentation related to your employees.

Hiring an accountant will be necessary if you have a small business, with few employees, while the CPA is recommended you have a large business with a large number of employees.