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Company Formation Services in Ottawa

Company Formation Services in Ottawa

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and many foreign citizens move here every year for various reasons. Most of the them are foreign investors who want to open companies in the largest cities of Canada. One of these cities is Ottawa, which is also the capital of the country.

Ottawa is located in the province of Ontario and it is characterized by a powerful high-tech industry and affordable living costs. If you are interested in company formation services in Ottawa and other towns in the province of Ontario, you can rely on our Canadian company formation agents.

Provincial company registration in Ottawa, Ontario

Foreign investors can register Canadian companies at federal or territorial level, Ottawa being located in the province of Ontario. In order to register a company in Ottawa, one must go in person or appoint a local agent who will keep in touch with the Ontario Trade Register Office.

The first step to open a company in Ottawa or in another town in Ontario is to choose a business for the business. Because of the legal requirements, the name can be made up of specific words followed by the type of company to be incorporated or by a sequence of numbers. As a general fact, most investors choose the numbered type of trade name in Ontario.

Once the company is registered, certain licenses are required depending on the activities of the business. These licenses are issued by the Ministry and Government of Consumer Services in Ontario. Our company registration advisors in Ontario can explain how to apply for business licenses in Ottawa.

Why choose company formation services in Ottawa?

Even if the Canadian company registration procedure is not complicated, foreign investors could encounter certain difficulties when registering their companies in Ottawa, Ontario. With our company formation services in Ottawa, you will benefit from:

  • understanding the best type of company to register;
  • choosing the type of registration for your company: the federal or territorial one;
  • support in preparing the incorporation documents;
  • filing the documents with the Ontario Trade Register;
  • tax and GST registration.

On request, accounting and virtual office services are also available in Ottawa.

Our lawyers in Canada can help you relocate your business here.

For more information on the company formation services we offer in Ottawa and other towns in the province of Ontario, please contact us.