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Set Up a Website in Canada

Set Up a Website in Canada

Foreign enterprisers who want to invest in Canada can set up various types of businesses by using the structures approved by the Commercial Code. Nowadays, investors can choose between two categories of businesses: traditional and online ones. It is also useful to say that most of the young entrepreneurs prefer to open online companies which require the creation and registration of a website with the Canadian authorities.

Those interested in setting up websites in Canada must comply with a few requirements. Our company formation agents in Canada can explain what these requirements are.

The main domain name in Canada

All Canadian website names must have a specific form which implies:

  • the name chosen by the owner, which must be unique;
  • the .ca domain which means the website is registered in Canada.

All Internet domain names are approved and registered by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

CIRA can approve the registration of websites ending with the top-level domain name, .ca, or with second-level domain names.

If you are interested in starting a business in Canada and register a website, our local consultants can advise you.

Requirements to register a website in Canada

Before starting the website registration process, one must know that there are a few requirements to be met. The most important one is related to those who can register the domain name with CIRA. These are:

  • Canadian citizens;
  • Canadian residence permit holders;
  • Canadian companies;
  • foreign citizens who have registered a trademark in Canada;
  • governmental organizations.

It should be noted that CIRA has also set in place various restrictions related to the use of certain characters in the name of the website.

Steps to create a Canadian website

Before starting the creation of the website, the owner must choose and register the desired domain name with CIRA. Following that, the creation of the website can be executed by the owner of the website or by a specialized agency offering web design services, as Canada is known for its well-developed IT industry.

If you are interested in opening an online store and need to set up a website for this purpose, please feel free to contact us for information on the legislation related to Internet domain names. You can also rely on us for assistance with the company registration process in Canada.