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Open an IT Company in Canada

Open an IT Company in Canada

Foreign enterprisers are welcome to open companies in most industries in Canada. Among the most prolific sectors which have brought a significant income to the economy is information technology, also known as the IT industry. One of the reasons why this industry has become so appealing is the many assistance programs enabled by the government and local municipalities which have contributed to the expansion of IT companies.

If you want to open an IT company in Canada, our local consultants can guide you through the registration process of this type of business.

Requirements for starting an IT business in Canada

If you are considering investing in the Canadian IT industry, you should first register a company with the local Trade Register in the city you plan on doing business. The registration procedure is not complicated; however, you must consider the provincial regulations for offering IT services.

With respect to the licenses you will need when setting up the IT business, there are no special permits for such activities, other than the municipal and regional or federal business license. Even so, the company will need to comply with several laws once it started operating.

Our Canadian company registration representatives can offer information on how to obtain the business licenses for opening an IT company.

You can ask for guidance on the IT laws from our lawyers in Canada.

Legislation related to the IT industry in Canada

If the licensing procedure of a Canadian IT company is rather simple, the list of laws the company must respect is not that short. One of the main concerns when opening an IT company is related to the privacy of clients, therefore the business must respect the Criminal Code.

Among the other laws which must be respected by IT companies in Canada are also:

  • the Commercial Law which provides for the sale of computer and computer parts;
  • the Intellectual Property Law which provides for the protection of computer software, trade secrets, etc.;
  • The Electronic Commerce Law which provides for the sale of products and services through online means.

For full information on the laws applicable in the IT industry, please contact our company formation agents in Canada. You can also rely on us for assistance in registering the company with the Canadian Trade Registrar.