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Selling Tobacco in Canada

Selling Tobacco in Canada

The tobacco industry is one of the most profitable economic sectors in the global economy. Developed countries like Canada are among the best markets for selling tobacco and tobacco products, which is why the authorities have created an extensive legal framework which regulates this market.

Foreign investors who want to open tobacco shops or other types of ventures for selling tobacco and associated products must respect the national laws and international conventions related to this industry. Below, our company formation agents in Canada explain the laws related to selling tobacco in this country.

The Tobacco Law in Canada

The Tobacco Act is the most important law Canadian companies selling cigarettes and other products must respect. The law incorporates several provisions related to the obligations of those selling, but also of those buying tobacco. Among these are:

  • the Tobacco Access Rules;
  • the Tobacco Products Information Rules;
  • the Tobacco Reporting Rules;
  • the Product Labeling Rules;
  • the Promotion of Tobacco Products Regulations;
  • the Stamping and Marking of Tobacco Products Rules.

Another important law related to the sale of tobacco in Canada is the Non-smokers’ Health Law. Canada is a member of the World Health Organization’s Convention on Tobacco Control since 2005.

Our Canadian company formation consultants can help investors who want to open tobacco shops.

Rules for tobacco shops in Canada

All Canadian companies selling tobacco products are required to comply with several requirements, among which:

  • requesting a proof of age to minors trying to buy tobacco;
  • display signs related to the prohibition of selling tobacco to minors.

Those who want to set up tobacco shops in Canada must also know that advertising the products they sell is prohibited in certain areas.
With respect to tobacco manufacturers, these must mark cigarette packages with:

  • the emissions of the products they sell;
  • health warnings.

Also, the manufacturing of tobacco products must be made in accordance with the conformity standards imposed by international organizations.

For full information on the tobacco sale regulations, please contact our representatives in Canada. We can also assist those interested in starting a company in Canada.