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Online Incorporation

The costs for the online incorporation of your Canadian company are the following:

  • Professional fees $1,200 CAD (40% discount applied for online incorporation below)
  • Name reservation fee for each province – $100.00
  • Official Incorporation Fee (paid to the government): Ontario – $300, BC – $380, Alberta – $530

* VAT of 13% will be added to the pricing

Once you submit your online application our Senior Consultant will be in touch with you to answer your questions and finalize the application within the next 48 hours. Please keep the phone number that you provided in the application available.

If you require any additional details please contact us now via phone or email; you can still qualify for our 40% discount!

    Provide email address of a person responsible for this application. We will contact you at this address.

    Federal incorporation will require an appointment of a local Canadian director. If you do not have one - please choose Ontario, BC or AB.

    Please provide 2-3 unique options, or leave blank if you prefer a numbered company. There is no difference from the legal perspective between the legal ending choices. Please choose one

    Please provide Canadian address. Cannot be P.O. Box. Please leave empty if address is to be provided by CBES (the first calendar year is included in the cost of incorporation).

    Provide a short description of the proposed business operations

    Official email to be used in the registration paperwork of the corporation. Annual reminders will be emailed here.

    Shareholder ID:

    The Business Corporations Act requires at least President and Secretary to be appointed for a corporation. This could be the same person.

    Request an invoice now and benefit from our 40% discount!

    By submitting this form I hereby:
    a. Authorize CBES - Canadian Business & Enterprise Services to prepare and submit incorporation application in accordance with the information provided in this form.
    b. Acknowledge that CBES is acting as my incorporation agent only and not as a legal representative or consultant.
    c. Agree to pay all the fees and costs associated with the requested incorporation